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About Us

The world is full of creative people making products people love. Unfortunately, many of these products will never make it into the hands of the average consumer. Why? Competition for shelf space is fierce, and many manufacturers simply don’t know how to get their products into grocery, mass retailers, warehouse chains, or regional and specialty stores. Without an industry-insider to lead the way, getting there can be costly and time-consuming.

Retail Partner Solutions empowers brands to thrive on store shelves. We know the buyers, the competition, what sells, and how to scale your product at retail. From sales strategies and business development to e-commerce and marketing – we help our clients analyze costs, risks, and benefits to make the right decisions.


The result? Our brand partners achieve their goals faster. They have fewer hurdles to jump. And they have more time to focus on what matters most – developing innovative and high-quality products.

To empower our brand partners to thrive on store shelves. 

Our Vision

To be recognized as a passionate advocate for aspiring brands across the country.  

We Value

  • Relationships 

  • Passion

  • Realistic

  • Openness

  • Enthusiasm

  • Integrity

Meet Ann

With 30+ years in the retail industry, Ann is a CPG expert known for building win/win partnerships and bringing innovative products to market.  She sees herself as an advisor and advocate – not a broker – and takes a 'people-first' approach to achieve results. Her collaborative spirit, openness, and enthusiasm inspire her brand partners and their teams to deliver their personal best.


Ann launched Retail Partner Solutions in 2019 and is especially passionate about helping other entrepreneurs achieve their vision. 


In her free time, Ann enjoys all things Disney, lake living, country music, and volunteering. 

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